How it works

  • I am a native speaker of German and my working language is English.
  • Translations can be done as a convenience translation or according to the four-eyes principle.
  • The four-eyes principle means that the translation undergoes an additional round of proofreading by a second person who is a native speaker in the target language.
  • You can reach me by e-mail from 9am to 7pm, Monday to Friday. You will always receive a quick reply.
  • You may contact me by phone if your matter is urgent or needs to be clarified outside my office hours.
  • For clients in Berlin and the surrounding area: I am happy to come to your office in case your projects are highly confidential or require particular preparation.


  • My rates depend on the type of text, the required research and the urgency with which it has to be completed. Therefore, no specific price can be given here. I base my calculation on the number of words in the English text but a calculation per line is also possible if desired.
  • Services that cannot be calculated this way, e.g. the amendment of translations where the source text has changed, are calculated on an hourly basis.
  • Any additional effort required to perform the assignment, e.g. conversion of non-editable files, is also calculated on an hourly basis.

You will always receive a quotation on the basis of your documents.